At ONIGO, we have over 10 years experience in delivering seamless team building activities in London that are enjoyed by the whole company. If you are planning your London team day out, be sure to check out our corporate team building activities.

Our outdoor escape games are designed specifically to bring colleagues together and build better teams through a fun and inclusive shared experience. Our games focus on teamwork, problem solving and working under pressure whilst enabling teams to get out of the busy office and into the quiet of London's greatest parks and green spaces. This makes our games the perfect outdoor team building activity in London; boosting both employee well-being and team performance through a unique, fun and inclusive shared experience.

The origins of team building in London can be traced back to the 1920s when a psychologist called William McDougall first identified conditions required for a high performing group. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that the concept of building teams rather than individuals came to the fore in the London as companies looked at boosting productivity against the backdrop of high inflation and international debt.

Fortunately, effective team building activities in London have fortunately come a long way since the days of building bridges and performing trust exercises. And in recent years in London, we have seen companies wanting to break away from pub-based solutions with companies looking for more inclusive and accessible team building activities.


Team building activities in London have grown and diversified rapidly in recent years. If you are looking for different or unusual team building events and activities, London is simply the place to be. However, finding team building activities in London that are fun, inclusive and effective is still a challenge. Here are some of London's latest team building activities and events, and what we reckon is most fun, unique and effective of the lot...

_ROM5142 Resize.jpg

Sure we're a little biased but our brand new games are just the perfect team building activity... Think 'escape room meets treasure hunt' as your team gets out of the office and into Hyde Park for an adrenaline-fuelled 90 minute experience. Take on your colleagues as you solve a trail clues and cryptic puzzles in order to beat the clock and complete your secret mission. Located around stunning Hyde Park, available for groups up to 80 people and hosted by your very own Gamesmaster, Onigo is a perfect way to get outside, boost well-being and bring your team closer together.

Electric shuffle.jpg

Powering up in Canary Wharf, Electric Shuffle is an all-new technological shuffleboard team building experience. Combining the great British pastime with a state-of-the-art scoring system, plenty of booze and delicious food.

Ballie ballerson.jpg

Apparently nothing builds teams together like trying to wade through one million plastic balls. The East London staple Ballie Ballerson provides unlimited pizza and ball pit play session. 


This London team building activity enables you to play over 150 different games on two 150 inch screens. At the Inamo Soho Games Room you've got all that, streaming services, and their packages include pan-Asian food so you can spend more time gaming.


What better way is there to build communication than by taking on hoardes of zombies and preventing alien invasions? Offering a unique team building activity, Navrtar is a one-of-a-kind VR experience and bar concept.

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