ONIGO was founded in 2017 as a fun, new and creative solution for enhancing social connection and mental well-being.

Our games blend the interactive, puzzle-solving and team-bonding elements of an escape room with the adventure and discovery of a treasure hunt.

The result: Feel good escape games in the great outdoors.


Our mission is to create interactive experiences which positively impact your mental well-being.

We know it feels good when we come together, get outdoors and connect, so we aim to provide fun and uplifting experiences that you can share with others.

We believe technology, whilst making us more digitally connected, can leave us feeling lonely and isolated. We're challenging this issue by using it in a different way; to create real-world games that create real human connection.



Hi, I'm Alex and I founded ONIGO to help people come together, get outside and connect.

Before starting ONIGO, I designed outdoor experiences, ranging from 5km fun runs to team-building challenges. I've always had a passion for creating shared experiences that strengthen bonds and boost well-being!

I struggled with poor mental well-being for a number of years, in particularly feeling isolated, disconnected and without a sense of belonging. It impacted my confidence, self-esteem and ability to be my best self.

This experience made me realise the importance of real human connection and the need for a vehicle to discover it. That's why I wanted to create a fun, healthy and positive way for people to come together and talk shoulder-to-shoulder.

I think you'll have a lot of fun playing our ONIGO games. However, my real hope is that, as you celebrate with your teammates after solving the final puzzle, you'll also feel closer to them.

Enjoy your game!




If you have any queries or just fancy saying hello, email us at hello@playonigo.com

We aim to reply within 48 hours.